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Frankie'sFriend 08-16-2015 06:05 AM

Checking out for eight weeks

I'm OFF until 19th October. I leave in 5 days and in case I don't get back on here I'm saying see ya! I have to leave my babies which is the hardest part. They are being separated as well due to people changing plans and me having to reorganise things. Paddy is going to a bird sitter who is bird crazy and she has a quaker and an eclectus parrot so paddy will have new friends to get used to! He will miss me and his budgie boys though.

Budgies will be fine as they are paired up and love each other to pieces. I am more worried about Paddington.

I am going to Canada to stay with my best friend and her hubby and kids as I do most years but haven't been for two years! Her and I are going to Vegas for a week as well.

Take care everyone and I'll check in when I get back - I may also check in when I'm away for a fix!!!



Niamhf 08-16-2015 07:05 AM

Have a great time Madonna! Sounds like fun packed holiday awaits you :D
I'm sure the birds will be well looked after and will have lots to tell you about their holidays too :)

nuxi 08-16-2015 07:06 AM

Enjoy your vacation,Madonna!:hug:

FaeryBee 08-16-2015 07:31 AM

Have a wonderful time! :hug:

Safe travels and we'll look forward to seeing you and your flock when you return.

Frankie'sFriend 08-16-2015 07:44 AM

Thanks everyone - I'll miss you guys and your little birdies! :budgie:

Kate C 08-16-2015 09:36 AM

I hope you have a great time Madonna.

aluz 08-16-2015 10:29 AM

We will miss you too, Madonna! Have a good trip and enjoy your time off with your friends! :D

Jonah 08-16-2015 12:41 PM

I hope you have a safe trip, and a wonderful time with your friend. Sound's like your flock will be fine. We will miss you...:)

StarlingWings 08-16-2015 08:59 PM

We'll certainly miss you, but I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back :) I'm sure your little birds will have a great time on their own "holiday" :giggle:

Frankie'sFriend 08-17-2015 06:58 AM

Awwww, thanks again everyone xo

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