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jenstl 06-15-2015 06:49 PM

Advice on a potentially dying budgie :(
I can barely even think straight as I write this post. Each and every time I seek advice on here you are all so helpful and I guess I am just grasping at straws hoping that somebody can tell me that he might be ok.

If you have seen me post before I am a new avian pet owner and I have a blue budgie appropriately named "Blue" and our new little guy "Bud" a green/yellow :budgie: beautiful boy.

They got along great at first, from December, then the beginning of May things took a strange turn and Blue began to bully him, a lot. I misread the signals and acted too quickly by putting in a nest box which further made the fighting worse. I had to take him out and in the process, since he is not yet tamed, he got injured and we have been patiently waiting for my baby boy to get better to no avail :(

I sought some advice before and I was told to keep him warm and make sure he has food and water so I have been changing his food and water daily and been talking to him and we have a heater by him to keep him warm. He continues to be scared of me but does not run from me as he used to, as much.

We just got back from the vet and the vet does not think he looks good. He is not thinking that he will make it and told me I could either put him down there, or take him to a specialist. The vet doesn't know birds much but is the only vet in my city that will see birds. To take Bud to the vet in the first place was dangerous as he was so scared of us that we were afraid to handle him but he has not been looking good so we decided we had to and we basically went home empty handed still not sure what to do and I'm having a hard time accepting I just have to sit here and wait for him to pass. He basically said that the specialist will be a waste of time and money because he doesn't think hes ok.

His cere is fine his feet I cannot tell if they are the correct colour or not. I suspect a broken leg as he has poor balance.. but his balance is so poor that I worry that there is more wrong. I cannot tell if hes eating, everytime I check the cage the food has been spilled everywhere, as is the water, so I'm worried that everytime he tries to eat or drink he falls forward. His poop has been fairly normal. Dark black, not too much liquid. Does that mean hes eating? In the photo below there is only one dropping and that one doesn't look good but the box we had him in on our way to the vet was lined with paper towel and he has a solid dropping in there that looks normal.

I love him so much and I am just looking for some direction or advice what to do to help my little guy whether there be an end goal or not. I just took the photo below a few minutes ago. I tried to bumper the walls and set up something he can lean against infront of his food and water. He has been able to get up the ladder a bit so I put some seed that he should hopefully be able to reach. He has not been to the top of the ladder in a few days which I fear must be his health declining. I haven't heard him chirp in weeks. I cannot stop sobbing for my little guy.

Any advice or input at all is appreciated. Thank you as always.

FaeryBee 06-15-2015 07:01 PM

I'm so sorry to hear your little budgie is doing so poorly. :hug:
I know how difficult it is to make the "hard decisions" and have been in the position myself in the past when one of my budgies was severely injured and obviously suffering.

My personal belief is that no animal should be allowed to continue to suffer if there is little hope of recovery. Your current stress and anxiety over his condition isn't helping your budgie in any way and is probably only making him more sad. The kindest and most compassionate thing a loving pet owner can do is to allow the vet to help their beloved animal move on in its journey to the Rainbow Bridge when the animal is in severe pain with little to no hope for recovery.
This is the greatest gift of love one can perform -- putting the animals's well-being before your own desires.

I wish you well and will be praying for you to find the strength to do what is best for your little Bud.

If you need to talk, please feel free to send me a Private Message. :hug:

jenstl 06-15-2015 07:05 PM

How can I just give up on him :( I cant bring myself to put him down when I don't know for sure that he is on his way to passing. What if I put him down and he could have made it? This is so upsetting :(

FaeryBee 06-15-2015 07:07 PM

It's your choice -- I personally don't think it is right to allow a beloved animal to suffer.

If Bud's leg is broken and he has other injuries as well and the vet you took him to is unable to help you, then you need to get him to an Avian Vet and/or specialist as quickly as possible before the tissue because to go into necrosis.

Good luck in making your decision.

jenstl 06-15-2015 07:09 PM

You are 100% correct. No animal should live on not being able to be themselves. I just hurt so much giving up on him. Other than not being able to stand correctly and the lack of singing he seems so normal. I am so paranoid that he might be able to make it.

FaeryBee 06-15-2015 07:18 PM

Then it sounds as if you've made your decision -- get an appointment with the specialist as soon as possible to get Bud in for the treatment he needs at this time. :hug:
Perhaps the specialist will have more extensive knowlege and be able to do whatever is necessary to help Bud recover from the injuries he's suffered. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for little Bud (and you) :hug:

jellyblue 06-15-2015 07:36 PM

Hope an avian specialist will be able to help sweet little Bud. At least he may be able to put your mind at ease as you make your decision. The most difficult decisions are made with the greatest love. Hugs to you and Bud.

Pretty boy 06-15-2015 10:39 PM

I am also of the opinion no animal should suffer when you can help, be that by giving treatment via a specialised vet or the taking of him to be euthanized with love and care.
Bud is totally reliant on you for his wellbeing.
I myself as many others here have had to face this task. It isn't easy and many tears have been shed agonising over the choice, but it is done with love and commitment to the quality and happiness of the birds life.
From the pictures Bud is still strong enough to stand, his eyes look good. Please get him to an avian vet as soon as possible, they will be able to give you the advice and hope you need to make the decision regarding his health. The longer he is left as is ,the more chance he is going to suffer unnecessarily.
I hope and pray he gets the medical help he needs soon . Please let us know how things are soon. Hugs to you and strength.

philw 06-15-2015 10:42 PM

Even if the vet isn't a specialist, I would think he could say not more than he doesn't look good. Does he or doesn't he have a broken or at least injured leg? A specialist would know. To me he doesn't "look" that bad, just scared. I'd find an avian vet and keep the bird as quiet as possible with plenty of seed scattered and water available. If he's been with Blue, then I'd keep their cages close so he has company. Find out what's wrong.

Didoushkaya 06-16-2015 04:59 AM

Please keep us posted once you've seen the specialist. My thoughts are with you until we hear back from you and Bud.

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