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prettynyguen 08-04-2017 02:22 PM

Smoke and Budgies
Hi, I live in BC, Canada, and even though I live a long ways from the wildfires, this morning I woke up and my apartment was filled with a haze of smoke. Outside it's been really smoky for days, but this is the first day it's been so bad inside. I'm running an air purifier beside my bird cage. We do have a small portable air conditioner that we run most the day in the living room, but it's difficult to keep all the windows shut up, because the temperature is in the 30s C (90 F) this week, and I live in a forth floor apartment facing the direct sun. Do you have any suggestions? My budgies seem to be fine right now. Thank you.

kzaz 08-04-2017 06:32 PM


Really sorry to hear what you're going through there.

It sounds like you're really doing what you can.
Is there anywhere else your budgies can stay still the smoke clears?

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