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Birbs 11-11-2018 07:50 PM

My budgie's cere's color has changed drastically
My budgie Skye used to have a light pink cere but recently it's changed to an orangy-brown. I figured that she's probably just maturing but she's a recessive pied blue budgie and I wasn't sure if they experience that too. So is she fine and just getting older or what? :blue pied:

Blingy 11-11-2018 08:11 PM

Hi there, if your budgie is a female, her cere would turn a browny colour and go crusty when she goes into breeding condition. That is completely normal, but if you have a male also you need to take steps to prevent breeding.

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FaeryBee 11-11-2018 09:26 PM

Skye is currently going into breeding condition as evidenced by the change in her cere.

Make sure you do not have anything in the cage that she could use as a nesting site.
Limit her daylight hours to no more than 8 hours per day and rearrange her cage more frequently to ensure she does not get broody. :)

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