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Cipher 07-12-2019 09:03 PM

Feeding help
So Yuki is settling in very well and I am trying to feed her the best food possible so I have been trying to feed her veggies and fruits every day along with a pellet mix. Now with her pellet mix she will normally eat it if I mix a seed mix in with it....however she refuses to eat the fruits and veggies. I have currently resorted to ripping up the pieces so small she should mistake it for the seeds and possibly eat it however I can only hope with that. Is there anyway that would work better with trying to get her to eat fruits and veggies as I know she needs to eat them to be healthy.



Sim 07-13-2019 03:07 PM

I think it is not a good idea to mix pieces of fruit with seeds and pellets, since they would rot and force you to change the food more often, in addition to not be good anymore for your budgie.

Is Yuki tamed?
A way that usually works with tamed budgies is to pretend to eat the fruit/vegetable in front of them, it is likely that they will taste it.
I don't know if it works for budgies who are afraid of humans too.

Anyway, keep in mind that fruit should only be offered as a treat on occasion, as it contains a lot of sugar.
It would be better to almost always offer vegetables, but a problem I encountered while doing so is the fact that my budgies don't like a lot of vegetables because they aren't sweet or tasty. I am still struggling with this problem.
For now I give them tomatoes and peppers, fruits that are usually considered vegetables because they are not sweet (so they don't contain much sugar), but they are tasty enough to interest my budgies.

I hope I helped you. :001_smile:

Cipher 07-14-2019 05:29 PM

So Yuki is not tamed as of yet as I've only had her for a week. She will step on my hand when I go ahead and put her food in her cage every morning and change her water and she will take millet from my hand if I hold it and sit on it she is not tame yet as she doesn't really see me as anything other than furniture at this point.

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