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Your Budgie's Health Learn about avian health and vet care. This forum does not substitute for veterinary expertise.

Closed Thread
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Old 07-24-2019, 04:00 PM
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Default Cutie again!


As you may be aware cutie has a respiratory issue we had been to the vet got meds but still has those symptoms again today she also vomited, she bobs her head every now and then and is also lethargic having said that she is also very playful like she has always been in the summertime. The vet is unable to know exactly what is causing respiratory symptoms. cutie is still wagging her tail to poop however not in every poop.

I have added herbs to her diet and started her on sodium benzoate (just in case it could be mega bacteria) but still, she vomited. I see chipping on the side of her beak and a line down the middle - what is it, could be a deficiency, if so what sort. I have no clue what is wrong with cutie.

The vet is again suggesting blood test but couldn't he have found something from the first blood test - what is it that he will find this time.
They are suspecting it could be a scar tissue but cutie has watery sneezes that are at least a penny-sized water coming out when she sneezes at night and she usually does that at night rather then the day.

I really wanted to know if mega bacteria can cause respiratory issues.
Is there a way to tell fungal and bacterial respiratory infections from each other?

In my last post, Cody mentioned DGM but my vet doesn't know about it but has anyone else had any experience with it if so then please share so that I can use it for cutie since I believe mega bacteria and whatever else she has maybe draining her immunity.

Also, I always have seen vitamin deficiency in my birds so I started cutie on Harrison's pellets every since she came and she has accepted it has her main food but I feel she is still deficient because her new tail has not come so thick and nice but very weak and thin feather quality. I feed her veggies and some types of sprouts that I can find. However, I have noticed cutie only choosing to eat sweetcorn over everything else. For sprouts does someone have a shortcut because I find it difficult to grow my own sprouts and get cutie to eat them.

Are there any other things I should do to help her respiratory - we have even gotten an air purifier???
Yesterday cutie was also opening her beak continuously for a few mins however I feel that was something to do with her scratching her head on the perch- since she is molting.

I also feel as if something may be obstructing her airways which is why she finds it a little difficult to eat I read earlier about something called granuloma could it be that?? Please help I really want cutie to be with me. I cannot see her tiny self going away from me. Also, I don't know why but I have only noticed all those symptoms after her med synulox but vet is denying it has anything to do with it. I don't know how cutie has got respiratory I have no clue where I have gone wrong.
Has anyone had any success with respiratory issues because I know it is difficult to diagnose?

Thanks a TON for reading my long posts and threads I really do appreciate the advice here on talkbudgies and it has saved my cutie's life when she had mega bacteria.

Last edited by kk2; 07-24-2019 at 04:15 PM.
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Old 07-24-2019, 05:29 PM
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Mega bacteria, a/k/a Avian Gastric Yeast is not an infection of the respiratory tract however, secondary infections are commonly seen but of the GI tract only as far as I know. Did you read the article I gave you the link to regarding Aspergillosis, there are many points brought out that seem to coincide with Cutie's symptoms, here is the link again additional blood work may give some insight into
what is out of balance in Cutie's system, take a look at this link that explains avian lab tests and what is revealved by various tests

If there is no tissue or discharge to examine sometimes a fungal vs bacterial infection is diagnosed by response to treatment. If an antibiotic is given and there is no response the meds may be switched to an anti fungal med in hopes of a better response and if the issue clears with the anti fungal it is then assumed that the problem was fungal and not bacterial, unfortunately it can sometimes be both. Has Cutie ever been on any anti inflammatory meds or had any x-rays done? How have you assessed that you have seen vitamin deficiency in your birds, were tests done to evaluate that, Harrsions is a great pellet and if you are feeding that and veggies , providing that she is actually eating the pellets, it seems unlikely that the diet would be deficient, it could be that there may be an underlying issue with the ability to absorb nutrients properly.
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