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Your Budgie's Health Learn about avian health and vet care. This forum does not substitute for veterinary expertise.

Closed Thread
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Old 08-10-2019, 06:33 AM
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Default Still no change in cere color

My budgie Celeste is six months old today!
I can't believe she is already so close to adulthood, it seems like yesterday she was just a little featherless chick.

I am also worried, though.
As some of you know, only two of her siblings out of four survived, and since I gave her brother, Emilio, to my grandparents and her sister, Sunny, to my sister's friend, I can see them respectively live and in photos.
And I noticed that Emilio's cere is now blue, almost like the one of a grown male, and Sunny's cere is brown, like the one of a grown female in breeding condition.

I also remember that when I bought their mother, Stella, she was about four/five months old and she had a brown cere too.

However, Celeste's cere, unlike theirs, doesn't seem to be changing, it is still bluish-white with a hint of very light purple, depending on the light. I thought it would have turned brown by now, but she is indeed six months old today and nothing has changed.
Is it normal that close relatives like siblings, or parents and children, don't change the cere color at the same age? And is it normal that Celeste has never been in breeding condition? Or is it an indication of problems?

Does the change in cere color happens earlier if the budgie lives with other budgies, especially of the opposite gender, and other parrots?
If so, it would make sense, because Sunny lives with an adult male, Emilio lives next to a (presumably) male peach-faced lovebird and Stella surely lived with a lot of other budgies before she was taken to the pet shop, but Celeste lives alone (except for sporadic interactions with her parents).

Thanks in advance.


Last edited by Sim; 08-10-2019 at 06:41 AM.
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Old 08-10-2019, 09:46 AM
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FaeryBee (Deborah)

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You have nothing to be concerned about with regard to Celeste's cere.

It is very normal for a female budgie's cere to remain the blueish-white color - especially when one discourages breeding behaviors.

I have a female budgie and I try to keep her from coming into breeding condition by limiting her daylight hours

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